Thursday, January 14, 2010

First off- We got the apartment!!!! I am so excited!!

I found out that in Louisiana you need to be a nationally certified pharmacy technician to work in a pharmacy, which is not the case in Pennsylvania. So now I need to take the national exam. If I pass, I get a raise. If I fail, well... I don't have a job when I get there. So much pressure! I have scheduled my exam date for February 6th. I just hope that I can pass it... I swear I am going to get a stomach ulcer from all the worrying I have been doing lately. I am such a worrier.

My birthday is on Tuesday!!! Woo!


  1. Yay on the apartment! Boo on the test.

  2. Happy early birthday! I am sure you will do great on the test, I am sending happy thoughts your way! Hey you got an apartment so yay!!

  3. *does a happy dance for Emilie* yay!!! happy early birthday sweetie!!!
    P.S your going to pass that test with flying colors!!

  4. woohoo on the apartment. now you get to decorate, how exciting. boo, test are no fun but i wish you the best of luck! you can do it!

    sarah ann

  5. Just popping in to wish you a happy birthday!!! Enjoy your day, Emilie! xoxox

  6. YAY congrats on the apartment, love!
    SO EXCITING! :):):)

    thanks for the sweetness you left on my music blog. you're too kind! i'm so glad you enjoy, dear. :)

  7. Hey, sweetie! Your link under your blog button doesn't work! I had it added to the happy mail blog and somebody let me know that it doesn't link to your blog. I tried to fix it but I don't know what I'm doing and I couldn't get it to work. Let me know if it gets fixed so I can add it again!!! xo

  8. yay for your apartment and just say no to ulcers!! I have 3! (I'm a worrier too) not fun! All the luck on the exam, hope it works out, I'm sure it will. & happy birthday, since tuesday already passes ;)

    love the blog!

  9. good luck!

    i love you bloggggg!