Thursday, December 31, 2009

Get to know a little more about me, and fill this out yourself!
Leave a comment and tell me if you do this, please!!

1. What is your name and whats your blog name if you have one?

Emilie Briggs of Town Mouse in the Country.

2. Where do you live? City, State? if you could live anywhere where would it be?
Right now I live in Aston, a suburb outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
I'll be moving to Lake Charles, Louisiana in February.
I'm not sure where I want to live eventually... maybe San Francisco, or rural Pennsylvania.
Definitely somewhere that has cooler weather than Louisiana!

3. Where do you work? whats your job title? Do you love your Job?
I work at CVS right now, as Pharmacy technician. I like my job most of the time, but I do not like the customers. People can be so rude, nasty and inconsiderate to us, or anyone working in retail. Seriously... *I* did not make up the price of your medication, okay? Your insurance company did. Yelling at me about it is not going to do you any good. Get out of my face...

4. If you could work anywhere or do anything what would it be?
I would love to do some sort of job involving animals... like maybe a dogsitter or working at an animal shelter. I'd love to be able to work from home someday!!

5. What are you reading right now?
I'm reading the 4th book in the Sookie Stackhouse novels, Dead to the World, by Charlaine Harris.


6. What are you listening to?
Bella by Angus and Julia Stone. I kind of am in love with this song and I would LOVE to have it at my wedding.

7. Guilty pleasure?
Lately, it's been watching True Blood. I bought Season 1 off of iTunes and I watched every episode in a row!

(google images)

8. Name your TV shows:
I really don't watch any tv shows regularly, because I'm always at work when the good shows are on. I used to like America's Got Talent, and Operation Repo.

9. What is one thing you do everyday?
Call my boyfriend every day before I leave for school to say good morning :)

10. What do you like to do for fun?
Read books, listen to music, go to concerts when I can, crochet, doodle, go for walks, watch movies, daydream, shop, look at pictures of cute animals, read blogs, take pictures, play World of Warcraft with my boyfriend.

11. do you have twitter? lets be twitter friends!
I sure do! But I don't tweet much.. I mostly just read other people's tweets. Find me here.

12. What was your favorite gift that you gave or received this year?
This jacket from my boyfriend... it's so pretty!

13. Whats on your bed side table?
A lamp, my iHome alarm clock/iPod dock, lotion, a book, chapstick, a empty glass.

I got this survey from the lovely Lindsay of Her Sunday Dress :)

I'll be back later with some New Years resolutions and goals to share!!

**all photos by me unless otherwise noted**

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

and the boys

Angus and Julia Stone's new single 'And the Boys'. Their new album is due out in March :)

I love the video!!

i'm back!

Cate Blanchett in a granny square dress

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't popped in an said anything for a while! I've been sooo caught up in relaxing over break, and I never want it to end... but it's back to class bright and early on Monday morning for me :(

I've been catching up on everyone's blogs over the past couple of days (soo much to read!!!) and I promise I'll get back to commenting and writing as soon as possible! I also just wanted to say THANK YOU to Jamie for the wonderful Happy Mail that I received!! And thank you to everyone who sent me a sweet Christmas card! I love them all!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

miguelito <3

I am really really excited because tomorrow, my best friend in the entire world, Miguel, is coming to America. I haven't seen him in person since August of 2008. I have sooo much to tell him about that we just haven't been able to get to via webcam and Facebook. This reunion is long overdue, and I can't wait to see him :)

We met my senior year of high school in my math class. He was an exchange student from Venezeuela, and my teacher was really bad at speaking English (she was from Malaysia), so they had the worst time communicating. She asked me to explain to him the supplies we needed for class. I got his phone number and invited him out to pizza that weekend. We were inseparable the entire time he was here. I went to Venezuela with him the following summer... and as they say, the rest is history.

He's bringing his friend Gabriela, who I met last summer when I was there, and I'm so excited to show her some American things, because she's never been here before! I am just sooo head over heels thrilled about all of it. Miguel's boyfriend was supposed to come, and I really wanted to meet him, but he wasn't able to afford the ticket this time (understandable... my ticket to Venezuela last summer was over $1000 and took me an entire year to pay for!!). I hope he gets to come next year!

Miguel is not like any other person I've ever met. He's the perfect compliment to my personality, and I feel completely blessed to have had the opportunity to meet him.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


I love snow!!!!!

to be with you

Music Playlist at

(I am not sure why it has New Moon in the video, because this song wasn't in that movie... thankfully...)

I have been mildly obsessed with Becky Filip since I discovered her on myspace in 8th grade. She's such a beautiful, ethereal talented lady, and I love her style. I wish I had half the talent in her pinky toe. Above is a song by her band, the Honey Trees. It's my favorite song by the band, and it is such a sweet, calming song.

Not only is she a great singer and musician, but she also does all the artwork for the band herself. Check out the prettiness on the website and see for yourself. I love it!!

Here are a few of her other artworks that she sells in her etsy shop:

Aren't they magical? I especially love the ones that don't have faces, for some reason... they seem so mysterious... and different. Probably because they don't have a face... but I like them =P

She also did the artwork for the band Lydia, for their album Illuminate.

Aaaaand, to finish off my creepy obsessive post, I'll end with:
She is GORGEOUS. Don't believe me? Look for yourself...

Hope you enjoy her as much as I do :)

As for me, I am snowed in for the day, so I believe there is a certain book calling my name... and a certain bed... and a certain cup of tea <3 See you later!!

Friday, December 18, 2009


Okay, so my mom ordered a package from online. It was delivered by Fedex, according to her website, but we didn't have anything on our porch. We called them, and they told us that it had been delivered, so someone must have stolen it. The woman at Fedex said that she would call the driver and ask him exactly where he put the package when he left it at our house. It turns out, one day later when they finally returned our call, that he dropped it off at someone's house on the other side of the road, a few houses down. My mom went over to his house to kindly inquire about the package, and the man said he did remember receiving a package that wasn't addressed to their family, but it wasn't there. He told us that his wife had taken it to work with her that day, so he couldn't give it to us. But he would call us when she brought it home, surely.

He hasn't called us yet, so I am wondering if I should still go over there. If he has opened the package I am sure he will realize it's nothing he would be interested in... it's a Christmas gift for my 15 year old sister. It's necklaces made out of guitar picks... not worth a lot of money, and not something he should really be trying to steal from us. Should I mention to him that withholding and opening mail not addressed to you is a felony?

What should I do?

Monday, December 14, 2009

happy mail!

Thanks for the super sweet card, Jamie!!

I'm sooo lucky! My Happy Mail buddy was Jamie, the creator of Happy Mail! If you aren't a part of this, go to the Happy Mail blog to learn all about it and join in for next month. It's so fun and such a nice way to make someone else's day :)

in fact...


This used to be something that was really popular on Facebook/Myspace a while back, and I really love reading other peoples' facts. All you do is write 6 (or however many you can think of) random or little known facts about yourself. So, here I go:

  1. I am super emotional... to the point where I will cry if I see the SPCA commercials, or if I see a little old man eating alone in a restaurant. It doesn't take much to get me going. And not only that, but I can recall something sad I saw months before, and start bawling my eyes out suddenly for no reason. It's special.
  2. I have the worst road rage in the world. If you are driving around me, chances are, I hate you and want you to get the heck out of my way. I can't obey the speed limit, and I don't like it when people drive slowly in front of me. Most of the time I am also yelling at the other cars. I drive my little Kia like it's a sports car (which it most certainly is NOT!).
  3. Thinking about the concept of outerspace really freaks me out. I don't like to fathom the fact that the universe just goes on forever and ever, and that our planet is just a speck out there. I get really confused and worried when I think too much about the fact that our planet isn't being held up by anything.
  4. I really wish that I was good at something. I am decent at certain things, but I can't say that there is anything that I am known for being good at. I hope some day I will be known (in a good way!) for being really talented at doing something. I don't care what it is.
  5. Money is a constant source of worry and anxiety for me. Every dollar I spend sends me into this spiraling guilt trip. I used to spend money like nobody's business. I just can't find a happy medium, I guess.
  6. It really bothers me when people are intolerant of other peoples' lifestyle choices or beliefs. I get so angry and opinionated when I talk to people about this subject, but I am so horrible at arguing my views. I usually just don't say a word.

Whew, that was fun!! Now it's your turn :)

I tag everyone who reads this :)

feeling naive

The more time I am increasingly spending with "adults" lately, I am finding that I am such a terribly, terribly naive person. I feel like I haven't experienced anything yet. There are ladies in my class, my mom's age, and closer to mine, who tell these stories that just SHOCK me.

There are girls younger than me who are having babies. Some of them don't even know who the father is. There are people who have had felony drug and violence charges. Some of them were in jail for a long time. Girls who prostitute on the weekend... and get caught for it. Some of them go out every single night and get drunk, high and who knows what else. It is just so startling to me to see that this is the norm for so many people. I don't know how people can live like this.

I am so truly glad that I have never experienced any of these things. I have always been a goody-two-shoes for my entire life. It wasn't out of force, though, this is just the way that I am. Doing "bad" things always scared me, and felt uncomfortable to me. I guess I have just been very lucky.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

giveaway madness!

These are two giveaways I am now participating in. I loooove entering these, however I have never won one! Humm :(


Go here to Danielle's blog, Sometimes Sweet, to enter her giveaway. It ends tonight at 8pm Arizona time, so hurry up and enter before it's too late!!

And go here, to Lindsay's blog, to enter her huge giveaway, which ends on Sunday, December 20th. There are several ways to enter, so be sure to do a couple of them!

I have been thinking that I would like to do a giveaway sometime soon, since I've gotten quite a few new followers :) I think maybe I will do a New Years giveaway soon, so keep your eyes open!!

Now I am off to have some hot chocolate and read a book <3

Saturday, December 12, 2009

christmas creations

I am in love with this repurposed old ornaments Silje made!

I think this is an excellent idea for those old, cracked and ugly ornaments I have laying in my attic. I don't think I'm going to do it this year, but I am definitely keeping it in mind for when I have my own Christmas tree next year!!

Another tutorial I loved was for how to make these darling little Christmas trees out of styrofoam cones...

I think they would look great as a table centerpiece, or on top of a bookshelf or fireplace. I have a bunch of cute ideas of for decorations for one, as well.

I am trying to see if I can figure out how Elsie made this pretty little yarn wreath! I am in love <3 I think it would look beautiful on the wall in my room!

I adore this wreath that Lindsay made this weekend. It turned out amazing, and I would love to try making one myself.

Also, Lindsay is having a HUGE giveaway right now, so hurry over to her blog to enter!

This crocheted garland from Emalie's blog is sooo beautiful. I love everything about this photo. I wish I could kidnap this room and have it in my house.

I actually did make this cute gingerbread man ornament that Katja blogged about, but it turned out ugly as sin. I am just not good at sewing!!! Hers, however, are adorable!

I hope these cute creations inspired you as much as they inspired me <3


So, as promised here are a few photos of the little crocheted iphone cozy I whipped up last night...

I think it turned out pretty cute! I like the color of yarn that I made it with. I think I might add some buttons or something onto it to embellish it a little bit. What do you think?

This is my attempt at a finger-knitted garland. It turned out okay, but I think I need some chunky yarn to make it really cute. And of course, I couldn't leave out the little crocheted stars I've been making like a madwoman. Can you say obsessed?

Also, here is a sneaky peek of a couple of the Christmas cards I have ready to be sent out to some lovely ladies...

If you want a Christmas card, please send me an email with your address in it to I'll be sending them out on Monday, most likely, but I can send some later than that if I have to!!

I hope everyone is staying warm on this freeeezing Saturday!!