Friday, April 30, 2010

say hello to Bean!

Bean is the surprise I was telling you guys about :) If you remember the puppy I mentioned in this post, then you should probably recognize him. He got so big!! He is 8 weeks old now.

I drove the 3 hours to meet Karen of Lonestar Chihuahuas yesterday so I could pick him up. All of her dogs were so cute, and she was such a sweet lady! I am so happy with my puppy!

He hasn't seemed to have any trouble adjusting to the move, thankfully. He slept all through the night, he's running and playing around and he is eating a little bit.

Isn't he so cute? :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

curious tuesday

Hello everyone! I don't know if any of you read Gala Darling's blog, but I do! I think she is so interesting, and she always posts really great articles. You should definitely check her out, if you don't already read her blog! This "Curious Tuesday" is a new little meme she started up! Leave me a comment if you answer the questions, too... I want to read :)

Curious Tuesday 001

1. What is the strangest compliment you’ve ever received?

I don't really take this as a compliment... but last night when I was working the following exchange occured:

Customer (to me): "Are you pregnant?"
Me: "What? Um, no... I'm not..." *continues ringing her up*
Customer: "Oh, you're not? Oh. Okay."
Me: "Your total is $45.87."
Customer: "You are glowing, that is why I said it. That's why."
Me: "Yeah. Thanks."

This has happened to me a few times, lately. I carry all of my weight in my stomach, and none in the rest of my body (well, my butt) so I suppose I could look pregnant. But I am not. It really makes me upset and pissed off when people ask me if I am. Grr.

2. What’s your little-known talent?

I can make lots of things with origami, I am a master persuader and I can always get my way, and I can keep my eyes crossed while talking to someone and it freaks them out. What can I say? I am a woman of many talents. Oh, and I can also read, understand and speak quite a bit of Spanish. I wouldn't say I am fluent, but I can definitely hold a conversation, and get by.

This is where I learned to speak Spanish:


3. What do you obsessively search for on eBay?

I've never ever bought something on eBay. I am too afraid the thing that I buy will be bad quality, or that the person will just not send me anything and rip me off. I don't trust people very much, and it's sad. I have bought things from Etsy, but they were from people whose blogs I have read and I felt like I "knew" them.

4. When you were a child, who did you worship & want to be like?

My mom... even if I didn't show it. She was, and still is, the perfect example of the type of person I would like to become when I grow up. She is so hard-working and never asks for anything from anyone. I admire her to no end.

I miss you mom!!!

5. What was your palate band? Otherwise known as the first band you heard that made you realise the world of music was larger than whatever the Top 20 singles were! (The idea for this one came from here!)

Probably Bob Marley, because my mom used to listen to him in the car when I was younger. I forgot all about him until I was older, and then I heard him again. I now count him in one of my favorite artists, and reggae is now one my favorite genres of music.

Bob Marley and the pregnant lady are from WeHeartIt.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

fill in the blank friday... on saturday!

I've been seeing Fill-in-the-Blank Friday floating around in blogland a lot lately, and I want to play now :) Here are my answers for this weeks prompts:

1. One song that always takes me back to my youth is Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus. I had the biggest obsession with that song when I was a little kid, and my grandmom bought me his CD when I was about 4 years old. I swore I was going to marry him. And the funniest part is, I don't know a single other song by him... does he even have any other songs??

2. My first concert ever was Hanson, in 4th grade. I actually thought that they were girls, but I loved their music! I didn't find out that they were guys until a few months after the concert... oops!

3. If I could create my dream music festival I'd want these bands to be there: Bon Iver, Lady Gaga, Kings of Leon, Iron & Wine, Lights, Agalloch and maybe a guest appearance from Michael Jackson.

4. The best make-out/"boot knocking" song ever is White Mystery by Minus the Bear... and also, When We Escape by Minus the Bear. Their music is just that kind of mood.

5. The best concert I've ever been to was definitely Kings of Leon. Amazing.

6. A memorable musical moment for me was when they played Revelry at the Kings of Leon concert. That song gives me goosebumps and makes me want to cry. I love it so much. It was even better live.

7. The song on my iPod that's getting the most play these days is Alejandro by Lady Gaga... you know that I love you boy, hot like Mexico... REJOICE! Alejandro, Alejandro... Ale-Ale-jandrooo...

Friday, April 23, 2010

I took this photo for my senior digital photography class. It's my dad. I didn't really have any particular reason for posting this except that I am bored, and it's cool :)

tag, you're it!

The beautiful Rachael from Talk2theTrees tagged me in this :)
You just have to show the 6th picture you ever posted on your blog, and this is mine... a purple bathroom, haha. I was writing a post about interior designs that I liked!

I tag:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

i'm far too tired to fall asleep

Hello everyone! I've been really busy with work, so I haven't been able to post in a bit. I have been spending this evening catching up on blogs, tea and good music :)

On Friday night Cade and I drove to Houston to see Owl City and Lights at the Verizon Wireless Center. Now, listen to this... I rarely ever drove in Philadelphia when I lived in Pennsylvania because driving in the city terrifies me. There are one way streets, busy crosswalks, confusing grid system streets... not my cup of tea. I love driving on the highway, but not in busy cities. I was pretty sure Houston couldn't be a really "big city". I am in the South now. The country. I figured there would be cows grazing in the middle of Houston, and farms. Let me tell you, I was so so wrong. It's a big big city, just like Philly. I was so lost, panicking and driving while crying/shutting my eyes. I am a big baby. But we did make it to the concert in one piece!

I mostly wanted to go to the concert to see Lights but I also enjoy Owl City. The opening band was called Paper Route, and they were from Tennessee. Everything was really awesome, and I had a great time. I haven't been to a concert since almost last summer, when I went to see Kings of Leon, so I was craving some live music! I really loved the lighting used during the Owl City portion of the show... and I loved the fact that he had a violinist and a cellist. I wasn't expecting that!

On Saturday, Cade and I went to his mom's house because we were going to all meet up at the park for a barbecue. His mom and sister went on a last minute shopping trip to the store for some supplies. An hour passed, and Cade, Aaron and I were still waiting for his mom and sister to get there. By this time, it was already 7 o'clock and the park closed at 9. We finally made it to the park by 7:30 and started to unpack the car. We realized then that we didn't have a lighter. Cade, Aaron and I got in Aaron's truck to go to a convenience store at the corner. Once we bought the cigarette lighter, we realized it would be nearly impossible to light coals with it, and we needed lighter fluid. We drove the rest of the way back to his mom's house to get the grill lighter and the lighter fluid. By the time we got back to the park, it was dark outside, and the mosquitoes were coming out for dinner. This was the point we decided to pack it up and just go back home... bummer! But we did get to grill back at the house, which tasted just as good. I was just hoping to have some fun outside, now that it's almost summer. We're going to try again soon... only better prepared!

If you remember the exciting news I mentioned about a month ago, and you are still curious about what it is... you will find out on Thursday, one week from today! :)

(images via google... :( I didn't bring a camera!)

Friday, April 9, 2010

let me introduce myself...

I just got home from grocery shopping and work, so I am really exhausted (what can I say? I lead a hard life...). I wanted to make an introductory post with some little facts about myself as inspired by Alexz, my bloggy bff.

So here goes...

My name is Emilie (it's actually Emily, but I prefer it to be spelled with an 'ie' so I usually write it that way unless it's for something legal) and I currently live in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I just moved to Louisiana a little over a month ago and I am living in an apartment with my fiance, Cade.

Here is a photo of us from my senior prom a few years ago....

I work as a pharmacy technician at CVS. It's exciting stuff, let me tell ya. I won't even go into anymore detail about that...

And here are just a few random little facts about me:

  • I am obsessed with anything that has to do with the Spanish language. I get really excited when we have customers come into work from Mexico. I can hear them jabbering in Spanish and I say "HOLA!!!!" and try to ring them up while speaking in Spanish. They usually look at me like I am insane.
  • I really like to watch reality tv. Or any tv for that matter. My current favorite shows are Trueblood, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, Forensic Files, American Idol, Operation Repo, Wife Swap, Supernanny, 16 & Pregnant. I was watching America's Best Dance Crew but it ended last night... my favorite crew (Poreotix) won! They are so cool. Want proof?

See? Now you believe me :)

  • My favorite colors are purple, teal and brown. Especially when together. This is why:
(I'm not a big fan of green though...)
  • I really love music... and I'm pretty sure everyone says that. I love all kinds of music (some more than others) but I can pretty much listen to anything. Here are a couple of my favorite songs today...

Music Playlist at

Tell me if you like any of them!!! :D
  • I read approximately 10,000 blogs every day. And I keep adding more to my list. Tell me if you have a blog that I don't know about... I'll read that, too!
  • I love pineapples. I could eat them 24/7.
  • I love sweet tea. It's pretty much all I have had to drink since arriving in the south. I'm pretty sure I bleed sweet tea by now.
  • I am scared to be home alone. Or really, anywhere alone. I hate going to the store by myself, or to get gas. Gives me the willies.
  • I love animals!!! If you let me pet one I will be happy forever :)
  • I don't really talk to anyone I am friends with on facebook. I mostly just stalk them, look through their pictures and see who they are dating. I especially like to look back at all the people who were jerks to me in high school. It's nice to see how the mighty have fallen.
  • I like to do repetitious things, like making 12354124346 origami stars, or crocheting, or coloring a page with different shades of the same color. I probably need to be medicated.
  • Speaking of medicated... I take lots of medications. They're all for rheumatoid arthritis. I was born with it. Some days it sucks, some days it doesn't. It's a crappy disease, but I like to think I have it better than a lot of people. If you ever see my hands, you can definitely tell I have it, because they are all gnarled. Don't stare at them, it makes me self-conscious. I also really really hate it when people ask me why I am limping. I have started to tell people I was wounded in WWII, or that I have leprosy. They stop asking.
Hmmmm... well, this was longer than I thought it was gonna be :) If you have any questions, leave a comment!!!


Friday, April 2, 2010

you ain't nothin' but a (catahoula) hound dog!

Hey everyone! This has been a really nice week for Cade and I because he's off for spring break. He goes back to school on Monday, so our fun time is drawing to a close.... but fear not! He is off for the summer in only 4 short weeks :) I can't wait. And, on the 16th we go to the Owl City/Lights concert in Houston!

On Tuesday night we went to my favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, and I got eggplant parmesan (my favorite!) and Cade had fettucini alfredo. After our dinner we went to see She's Out of My League, which was really really funny. The movie actually made me think about myself, and the way that I often view my appearance. I thought that the message of the movie was really good... so go see it! :)

These lizards are always crawling all over Cade's mom's house.
I can never catch them!

Yesterday Cade and I went fishing with his mom and his little sister Kari. I have only gone fishing a few times in my life, so it was kind of fun and different. I was excited because I caught 2 sunnies and 3 catfish! I am not a big fan of seafood, at all, but I wanted to try them since his mom was frying some for dinner. Unfortunately, I am still not a fan. There is something about the after taste of fish that just grosses me out. But I am proud that I tried something new.

This is the first catfish I caught. Cade had to take the hooks out
of their mouths while holding them with pliers because they have whiskers
that can paralyze you if you touch them-- scary!

These worms grossed me out so much. I felt sick every time I had to touch one.
Tomboy, I am not.

Today at work my boss got 7 pounds (!!!!) of crawfish for lunch. He wanted me to try one, so I obliged. It was SPICY! I couldn't taste anything fishy at all, all I could taste was the spices. My lips were bright red and burning for an hour after I tasted it. They kind of looked like little lobsters. They weren't bad, but they were way too spicy for my taste.

This is Cade's sister's cat. I love her because she
reminds me of my cat back at home, Blue.

This little guy lived at the catfish farm.
He's a catahoula hound dog, which is a dog breed that originated in Louisiana.
I think they are so cute because they usually have one blue eye
and one brown eye, and they have spots like a dalmatian :)