Sunday, December 12, 2010

good things come to those who wait

(photo by Emily Stevens)

I'm really disappointed. I had been sort of planning a little elopement getaway to New Orleans with Cade, but I've had to put the brakes on that indefinitely. The reason isn't cold feet, or money problems, or any of those usual reasons to postpone a wedding. It's because of stupid health insurance... I need my dad's health insurance to pay for all the expensive medicine I take, and the day I get married, I'm dropped from the plan. As of right now, the insurance my work offers for part time people isn't any good and won't cover my medicine anyway, and I can't get enough hours to be considered full time. So, my only option for right now is to just use my dad's insurance, which I am so grateful that I have. I was just really hoping to get married. I know it's only a piece of paper, and that nothing will change afterwards, because we already live together, and yadda yadda, but it did mean a lot to me, and I'm upset we have to put it off because of that reason. But someday, I'll get my own health insurance, and then we will.

But we're going to still go to New Orleans and enjoy ourselves anyway :) Perhaps in February, for our 5 year anniversary? I think so!


  1. It's like having dessert first because you can. Have your honeymoon first, and the wedding later! :)

    Have you REALLY checked into the insurance coverage thing? I've never heard that an Insurance company will drop a child for marriage. I always thought it had to do with age and/or whether you live with your parents.
    If you got married and didn't change your last name, would that work? ;)

    Seriously, I know that my parents had insurance on me long after I moved out, but I think once I got a full time job w/coverage I told my parents to drop me. They said they'd keep the secondary coverage on me until finally Mark and I were married for two years and we both had coverage. We told them again they didn't need to cover me and finally they stopped paying for my insurance. I was 29 by that time, and they still had me covered even though I was married.

    Well that was years ago, and maybe it's probably different now. :( Anyway, if you have to put off living your life the way you want, because of THAT, it just seems wrong.

    In the meantime, start applying for a F/T position at other pharmacies! ha. It's a good goal!

    love, Sherilyn

  2. It's so sad how much of an impact something like health insurance can have on people's lives. I hope that having to wait will make it that much sweeter when you can actually call him your husband :)

  3. Aw, you two have fun in New Orleans!