Thursday, December 2, 2010

i got a man to stick it out & make a home from a rented house

Does anyone know of a good way to find houses for rent? We're coming up on the end of our apartment lease and I am ready to pack up and get the heck out of here. I looked online for hours the other night, but I could only find 1 house in the area for rent, but I know I've seen tons around. Does that mean you just have to drive around and find them? Or is there a better way?

I can't stand our neighbors, and I couldn't bear the thought of living next to them for another year. Ughhhh. I am hoping we can find something in town (otherwise we'll be out in the middle of nowhere... which could be kinda nice, on second thought) and for cheaper than we currently have.

Any advice?


  1. im sorry i live so far from you, i hope you find one, too <3

  2. I would say pick and area FIRST, then go hunting.

    Also, don't rule out renting a condo...sometimes those are for rent by owner. Condos are usually quieter too then apartments...and if you find one on the corner of the building, its even better. In these times I'm wondering if condos rentals have come down in price to rent? maybe.

    You should also consider saving enough to BUY a condo. I heard that in CA there are now some nice condos out there that sell for 50k, (that's only 5k you need for a downpayment, btw) and that if you do the math, it's literally WAY cheaper to pay a mortgage on that then to pay rent for an apartment! If you're not already saving in your 401k you should be Emilie, because it's the best way to save for a first home. First reason because your company will usually match your savings (if you only save 1% that's fine because you're taking their free money too!) and second because you can withdraw that money for a first home without tax consequences. Sure you pay the early withdrawal penalty, BUT it literally pays for itself the next year in tax savings.

    Why start thinking of this now? because like me and Mark, you won't have any little tax write-offs called children!! OMG the govt is so unfair to those of us who don't have kids! SO the sooner you buy, the sooner you start having extra money! Weird but true. :)