Thursday, April 22, 2010

i'm far too tired to fall asleep

Hello everyone! I've been really busy with work, so I haven't been able to post in a bit. I have been spending this evening catching up on blogs, tea and good music :)

On Friday night Cade and I drove to Houston to see Owl City and Lights at the Verizon Wireless Center. Now, listen to this... I rarely ever drove in Philadelphia when I lived in Pennsylvania because driving in the city terrifies me. There are one way streets, busy crosswalks, confusing grid system streets... not my cup of tea. I love driving on the highway, but not in busy cities. I was pretty sure Houston couldn't be a really "big city". I am in the South now. The country. I figured there would be cows grazing in the middle of Houston, and farms. Let me tell you, I was so so wrong. It's a big big city, just like Philly. I was so lost, panicking and driving while crying/shutting my eyes. I am a big baby. But we did make it to the concert in one piece!

I mostly wanted to go to the concert to see Lights but I also enjoy Owl City. The opening band was called Paper Route, and they were from Tennessee. Everything was really awesome, and I had a great time. I haven't been to a concert since almost last summer, when I went to see Kings of Leon, so I was craving some live music! I really loved the lighting used during the Owl City portion of the show... and I loved the fact that he had a violinist and a cellist. I wasn't expecting that!

On Saturday, Cade and I went to his mom's house because we were going to all meet up at the park for a barbecue. His mom and sister went on a last minute shopping trip to the store for some supplies. An hour passed, and Cade, Aaron and I were still waiting for his mom and sister to get there. By this time, it was already 7 o'clock and the park closed at 9. We finally made it to the park by 7:30 and started to unpack the car. We realized then that we didn't have a lighter. Cade, Aaron and I got in Aaron's truck to go to a convenience store at the corner. Once we bought the cigarette lighter, we realized it would be nearly impossible to light coals with it, and we needed lighter fluid. We drove the rest of the way back to his mom's house to get the grill lighter and the lighter fluid. By the time we got back to the park, it was dark outside, and the mosquitoes were coming out for dinner. This was the point we decided to pack it up and just go back home... bummer! But we did get to grill back at the house, which tasted just as good. I was just hoping to have some fun outside, now that it's almost summer. We're going to try again soon... only better prepared!

If you remember the exciting news I mentioned about a month ago, and you are still curious about what it is... you will find out on Thursday, one week from today! :)

(images via google... :( I didn't bring a camera!)


  1. Catching up on blogs, drinking tea, and listening to good music sounds like the best night ever somehow!

  2. And I'm a new reader, but I'm still really excited for your secret :D

  3. i've been a fan of lights for years now - i bet she was great live :)

    can't wait to find out your secret! <3

  4. Ever since I was little I always liked 'places' names a lot---Asia, Berlin, China, Tahiti (haha) and Kairo (for a boy), and Asia just seemed to fit, not sure why.. I called her that from day one of finding out I was pregnant. I always wished my parents gave me a more unique name too, I've never liked mine much. But I have a sister named Emily and I love her name! (It's much cooler spelled with an ie) :)

    And thanks a lot for your comment! It's great advice actually :)

  5. Sounds like such a fun concert, glad you had a good night out, besides city driving. I don't care for driving in the city either. I can't wait for your exciting news!! BTW did your fiance ever agree to your blue puppy lol. <3 Sonja

  6. UGH I hate driving in big cities and on the high way. I hate driving period unless it's on a scooter.. PS You've been tagged!

  7. i want to know your secret asap!!

    and i hated driving in philly. ick. driving in chicago is a lot easier because it's not terrifying like philly. ahah

  8. I also hate driving in the city, but the problem is that I live in the heart of downtown Atlanta. People in this city can't drive and they are always turning from the wrong lane and coming into your lane and it's insane. INSANE.