Friday, April 9, 2010

let me introduce myself...

I just got home from grocery shopping and work, so I am really exhausted (what can I say? I lead a hard life...). I wanted to make an introductory post with some little facts about myself as inspired by Alexz, my bloggy bff.

So here goes...

My name is Emilie (it's actually Emily, but I prefer it to be spelled with an 'ie' so I usually write it that way unless it's for something legal) and I currently live in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I just moved to Louisiana a little over a month ago and I am living in an apartment with my fiance, Cade.

Here is a photo of us from my senior prom a few years ago....

I work as a pharmacy technician at CVS. It's exciting stuff, let me tell ya. I won't even go into anymore detail about that...

And here are just a few random little facts about me:

  • I am obsessed with anything that has to do with the Spanish language. I get really excited when we have customers come into work from Mexico. I can hear them jabbering in Spanish and I say "HOLA!!!!" and try to ring them up while speaking in Spanish. They usually look at me like I am insane.
  • I really like to watch reality tv. Or any tv for that matter. My current favorite shows are Trueblood, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, Forensic Files, American Idol, Operation Repo, Wife Swap, Supernanny, 16 & Pregnant. I was watching America's Best Dance Crew but it ended last night... my favorite crew (Poreotix) won! They are so cool. Want proof?

See? Now you believe me :)

  • My favorite colors are purple, teal and brown. Especially when together. This is why:
(I'm not a big fan of green though...)
  • I really love music... and I'm pretty sure everyone says that. I love all kinds of music (some more than others) but I can pretty much listen to anything. Here are a couple of my favorite songs today...

Music Playlist at

Tell me if you like any of them!!! :D
  • I read approximately 10,000 blogs every day. And I keep adding more to my list. Tell me if you have a blog that I don't know about... I'll read that, too!
  • I love pineapples. I could eat them 24/7.
  • I love sweet tea. It's pretty much all I have had to drink since arriving in the south. I'm pretty sure I bleed sweet tea by now.
  • I am scared to be home alone. Or really, anywhere alone. I hate going to the store by myself, or to get gas. Gives me the willies.
  • I love animals!!! If you let me pet one I will be happy forever :)
  • I don't really talk to anyone I am friends with on facebook. I mostly just stalk them, look through their pictures and see who they are dating. I especially like to look back at all the people who were jerks to me in high school. It's nice to see how the mighty have fallen.
  • I like to do repetitious things, like making 12354124346 origami stars, or crocheting, or coloring a page with different shades of the same color. I probably need to be medicated.
  • Speaking of medicated... I take lots of medications. They're all for rheumatoid arthritis. I was born with it. Some days it sucks, some days it doesn't. It's a crappy disease, but I like to think I have it better than a lot of people. If you ever see my hands, you can definitely tell I have it, because they are all gnarled. Don't stare at them, it makes me self-conscious. I also really really hate it when people ask me why I am limping. I have started to tell people I was wounded in WWII, or that I have leprosy. They stop asking.
Hmmmm... well, this was longer than I thought it was gonna be :) If you have any questions, leave a comment!!!



  1. the next time someone asks you why you're limping you should say "oh my god! i'm limping?!" and then freak out.

    me and manmate always make fun of people that ask stupid questions like that. alot of people we went to school with would ask questions like "why's your hair brown?", "why's your arm broken?",
    "why's your name chelsey?". we'll ask those questions to each other randomly just to make the other laugh.

    i liked getting to read all these facts about you! i love knowing more about the people whose blogs i read.

    happy weekend!!

  2. oh wow, you look mighty mighty pretty!! I love America's next dance crew! unfortunately, they only do reruns here of the past season. i used to love Quest crew, they won too! lol About the facts, these are really really interesting and fun, you're such a sweet girl. I can totally relate to you on a lot of things specially this

    I don't really talk to anyone I am friends with on facebook. I mostly just stalk them, look through their pictures and see who they are dating. I especially like to look back at all the people who were jerks to me in high school. It's nice to see how the mighty have fallen.


    have a great day!!

  3. I read your blog!! found you through talk2thetrees..

    nice post!

  4. I can't see your music playlist :( I love music too, I can't get enough! I loved reading this and getting to know little random things! Oh and yum pineapples!!!! <3 Sonja

  5. Cute post! You should tell me some of your favorite bands so I can look em up! I'm out of the music loop... very! I love your senior prom picture!! Sooo cute!

  6. You should give us another tour of the apartment! You better be decorating!
    I'd like to recommend Passion Pit to you, if you don't already listen to them.

  7. bloggy bff, yes!!!! uh and i love mgmt so much. AND "how the mighty have fallen"...that made me laugh. i do the exact same thing with facebook and the kids i went to highschool with. i ran into one at this restaurant a while ago and he was like "man im jealous you've been traveling because i hate my office job". SUCKER! <3 luv ya.

  8. oh! we really do have a lot in common! (and i like emilie with the 'ie'. looks french).

    ahhh i watch waaaay too much tv! haha. ABDC (yes! they were my favorite crew too!) and 16&pregnant (wonderfully trashy) and a bunch more too. oh mtv. i hate that i love it so much. i watch a lot of food network and comedies mostly.

    i love all kinds of music too! :) and those are my favorite colors as well! teal/turqouise, especially. although, my favorite colors change all the time heh.

    it was cool learning about you! you seem like a fun person, emilie with an i-e!


  9. Your story totally made my day. :)
    Thank you so much for sharing it with me. When I read the last part I laughed out loud and said aaw. ^_^
    It's very nice to meet you Emilie.
    As for your about me, HOLA! Mucho gusto en conocerte. (Hello, nice to meet you) hehe I speak fluent spanish, feel free to practice with me, I won't give you funny looks. :)

    And I think it's amazing that you moved to Louisiana to be with the one you love. <3

    My sister also has rheumatoid arthritis, she's 22. I'll have to tell her about the WWII and leprosy excuse. :)


    ps. I'm sorry, I use way too many smileys on my comments/posts. :)

  10. I just started reading your blog and really enjoyed your getting to know you post. I am thinking of doing one.

    I have, after living alone for years, gotten over being afraid of being home alone, I think getting a dog really helped. I am afraid of the dark though. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has childhood fears.