Friday, March 26, 2010

thank you, deb!!!

I received my happy spring goodies package from Deb last night and it made my whole weekend!!! :)

Reese's Pieces are my favorite candy!!

Thank you for putting so much happiness into this for me, Deb, it was so much fun to receive this! You are the best :)

DISCLAIMER: Unfortunately, some Peeps were harmed in the making of this post!


  1. haha! so cute! i just love easter/springtime! makes me so happy.

  2. dang, girl, your EYES! they're so gorgeous... bluest of blue.

  3. Hey Emilie!
    I found you via Molly's blog. How are you and Cade doing? I miss not seeing you but then again I don't see your Mom too often either. I now just work on Saturdays. How was your trip to Cades? Are you working? Whats new??????? I'm glad you have a blog, now I can check up on you :)
    accrisanti at yahoo dot com

  4. :o)!!!! Hooray! I'm glad you recieved your package and I'm super glad you liked it. Looks like everything traveled well.

    I LOVE that first picture of you biting the Peep bunny ear. Classic.


  5. PEEPS! oh my, you got an awesome package. <3

  6. ah! i love the pic of you destroying that poor peep! oh the horror! (your eyes look great)
    hope you're having a great sunday!

  7. emilie! thanks so much! you are too sweet. it's verrrry nice to meet you too. :D i'm so happy i found your blog because it's cute & you talk about lots of different things. i like variety.