Wednesday, June 30, 2010

100th Post!!!

I can't believe this is already my 100th post! I have come a long way from where I was when I first started this blog.... 1390 miles, to be exact. I can't thank my little group of followers enough for encouraging me, inspiring me and entertaining me throughout all of this time! :) I really have enjoyed this experience and I hope I can only continue to get to know all of you better!

I wish I had something cool to do for my 100th post, like a giveaway, but money is tight and I am not especially talented to make anything I'd feel comfortable giving away to anyone... so I promise I will have a giveaway as soon as I possibly can, keep your eyes peeled!

Today I'm doing a survey I was tagged for by the adorable Kaelah Bee
If you don't already read her blog, go and check it out! She's such a super sweet, genuinely kind person and she gives amazing advice! I am so glad I met her :)

And now, on to the survey...

1. If you could have a tea party and invite any 4 people, who would you invite and why?
Celebrities: Ellen DeGeneres, Nelly Furtado, Oprah and Charlaine Harris.
Non-Celebrities: My mom!!, Kaelah Bee, Alexz from Bird Trouble and Rachael from Talk2theTrees :)

2. What is one city you'd love to explore?
I'd really love to go traveling mostly anywhere. If I had to choose somewhere in the United States, I'd probably choose San Francisco or Salem, Massachusetts. I'd also really love to see the Greek Isles, maybe India.

3. Describe your perfect day!
Wake up in the morning (...feeling like P. Diddy... no, I'm joking) to cuddle with Cade for a while, then go and have a nice big breakfast with fruit. After that I'd love to go visit my family (even though they live sooo far away) and go to Cape May, NJ with them. We could all hang out on the beach and look at all the cute little shops there. After that, we could drive to Wildwood and go to the boardwalk to ride rides, and grab a slice of pizza from the Hot Spot and some Dip'n Dots. If it was Friday we could watch fireworks on the beach (they have fireworks every Friday night in Wildwood) and then we could all go home and go to bed :)

4. What are some of your guilty pleasures? (Music, food, movies, etc)
Music: I listen to a lot of stupid pop music, and rap, that isn't necessarily good music, but I enjoy dancing and singing along to it. I probably wouldn't admit any of the songs though...
Food: I love anything covered in cheese, especially pasta. I love macaroni and cheese, and I'd probably eat it every day if I could.
Television/Movies: I could (and have...) spend an entire day just watching tv or movies. I can't pull myself away sometimes. I hate to admit it, but I love stupid talk shows, reality tv and contest shows. The Tyra show, Ellen, Oprah, America's Next Top Model, America's Got Talent, American Idol, Last Comic Standing, Forensic Files, Operation Repo, to name a few...

5. What is your astrological sign and do you think you fit the description?
I was born on January 19th, the last day of being a Capricorn. Capricorns are described as

Personality Traits of a Capricorn:

  • Good organizational skills
  • Neat & tidy
  • Practical
    Strong work ethic
  • Materialistic tendencies
  • Conventional
  • Respects authority
  • Egotism
  • Cruel taskmaster
  • Servility
  • Excessive perfectionism


  • Simple food
  • Antiques
  • History
  • Responsibility
  • Not being pressured
  • Unconditional love
  • Privacy
  • Elitism
  • Family


  • Untidiness
  • Disorder
  • Being teased
  • Familiarity
  • Surprises
  • New ideas & paths
  • Loneliness
  • Being useless
  • Public embarrasment
I would say I feel as though I identify with most of these traits. The ones that do not describe me are liking elitism, disliking familiarity, egotistic and cruel taskmaster. Everything else sounds like me :)

6. When do you feel your prettiest?
When I've just gotten out of the shower and dressed in something cute, done my hair and makeup and everything looks perfect before it gets ruined for the day. I like it when Cade tells me I look cute, so I usually try to make myself cute every day =P

7. Do you keep a written journal or diary?
I have tried many times, but I would always forget to write in it for months and then start a new one. I really wish that I could stick with it. Maybe someday?

8. What is your main life goal?
I'm gonna go with the cheesy answer here and say: To be happy!! :)


  1. loved your answers! and so flattered that you'd invite me to your tea party! :P so much fun! congratulations on your 100 posts, miss! i always adore your blog <3 <3

  2. CUTE! congratulations on your 100th post! that's so fun!!! ♥


  3. love the new look of your blog!

    and your answers were great!

    happy 100th post!!

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  5. yay for 100 posts! so glad we get to go along with you on this journey, sweetie. :)