Sunday, June 6, 2010

wedding bells

If you recall, back in March Cade proposed to me. I've been thinking a lot lately about when we're going to get married, and how the day in general is going to go. We already know it's going to be a simple day, just us, getting married at the Justice of the Peace. But I still want some special (inexpensive) touches to make the day magical :)

This is the dress that I have my eye on:
It's under $40 from Delia's!

And these cute little peep-toe flats from Blowfish:

Some cute little undies from Aerie to match my dress (because I am weird like that):

I want to go out to a nice lunch or dinner after we get married, but I don't know where to yet. Maybe we'll just decide that day! Who knows?

I've been trying to find somewhere cheap, close-by, but romantic to have a little weekend getaway for our "honeymoon". I found this charming little Bed & Breakfast called Ashton's in New Orleans and it looks absolutely adorable and perfect. It has like 300 reviews on Google and they are all 5-stars... the owners are apparently very sweet, the breakfast is to-die-for and it's only a few blocks away from the French Quarter, where we can do some sight-seeing. I'm hoping we can spend a few days here...

I want to stay in the Bourbon Street room (it's room 7 on the website) I'd post a picture, but the site is using flash player so I can't copy the photo... but check it out, seriously! The room is gorgeous! :)

Since it's just going to be Cade and I that day, I want to send out some cute little customized wedding announcements to our family and friends. We're planning on doing a big family wedding after Cade finishes school and we have more money to do it.

I'm hoping that maybe sometime near the end of the summer we can make all of this happen!~
I am so excited!!! :)


  1. i LOVE the dress and shoes--so, so pretty!

    and the b&b looks gorgeous!

  2. that dress is so darling... the pop of colour with the blue shoes would be so cute! :)

    that bed and breakfast is SO charming! i hope you get to stay there, dear. <3

  3. ohhhh I really love the dress you picked out!!! an I love the blue shoes, for your something blue :)
    I am so excited for yoU!!!

  4. that Delia's dress is SO CUTE! And such a bargain!

  5. um, I'm so fricken excited for you and i love everything here.

  6. i love all of these choices! very sweet and special (and is it weird that i like matching my underwear to my outfits too? whatever).

    i'm so happy for you!


  7. so cute! i love it, and the shoes, and the panties! lol, shopping for underwear is almost as good as shopping for shoes, in my opinion :)

    ps: congrats on your engagement! :D