Friday, June 11, 2010

what are you so afraid of?

I feel like I have some strange phobias, so I decided I'd share some of them with you guys:

  1. Fear of being late: I can't find an actual scientific name for this, but I am always paranoid/anxious about being late for things. I live 5 minutes away from my work, but I always leave at least 30 minutes before my shift starts because I'm afraid I'll get stuck in traffic/have to make a detour or something and I'll be late. I'm this way about everything, though, not just work. I'd rather be an hour early for something than a minute late.


  2. Venephobia: One with venephobia usually can't stand looking at their own wrists, hands, or neck, fearing of seeing their own veins and arteries. No one ever understands this fear of mine, and I can't explain it. I hate seeing my own, or anyone elses', veins or inner elbows. I freak out if I see someone touching their inner elbow, and I break into a cold sweat if someone touches my arm there. I literally avoid looking at that part of my arm because it grosses me out so badly. I have to get bloodwork done often because of the medication I'm on and I have anxiety days before the time I have to do it. Strangely enough, though, I don't mind tattoo needles ;P

    (sorry, can't bear to look at any visuals for this one)

  3. Lygophobia: Fear of darkness. I am a lot better about this than I used to be. I used to need a nightlight to sleep, but now I am okay with the subtle glow of the street lamp across the road shining in our bedroom window at night. Cade likes to take advantage of my fear all the time. He will turn off the bedroom light before bed, and he sneaks around the room because I can't see him, then he grabs me. It still scares the crap out of me, even though I know it's him.


  4. Entomophobia: Fear of insects. Yep. All of them. Butterflies are okay, but I would still probably freak out if one landed on me. Something about all of the legs.

    I took this photo when I was in Venezuela. It's the biggest bug I've ever seen in my life. I had to take a picture of it, but it moved and I screamed and ran away.

  5. Aquaphobia: fear of drowning. I wouldn't call this a HUGE fear, but I always think about it when I'm swimming, and it would definitely be the worst way to die (in my opinion). I get the willies when I watch the part of Titanic when the people are drowning. I almost drowned the summer I was in Venezuela because my friends and I got pulled out in the rip current and we couldn't swim back to the shore. Luckily some people were able to come out and get us. We were really lucky because there aren't any lifeguards on the beaches there, it was just random passersby.

So, tell me 5 things you are afraid of!! Leave a link in the comments :)


  1. i'm so coming back to this entry with a list of my fears and pictures. oh my word, inner elbows freak me the hell out!! i get queasy just thinking about it. my best friend is the same way. getting blood taken, or watching a medical show like grey's anatomy and seeing them take blood (even when i know it's not real!), i freak. UGH!

  2. ok let's see....
    1) Im scared of being late too, I actually dont think I have ever been late to anything!!!

    2.) im scared of large bodies of water

    3.) terrified of flying

    4.) scared of all reptiles, sharks, otters (I was bit once) anything squirmy...ewwww

    5.) Im scared to walk through the dark, I usually have my house lit up till kingdom come, especially with the hubby gone.


  3. 1) i don't like the dark either. i can stand being in it for a bit, but i would much rather be in the light!

    2)clowns. uh-uh. no way.

    3)being attacked/raped/murdered. i live alone, so i'm constantly scared that someone's just waiting to get me. most nights, i walk around with a frying pan and check all my closets and the shower. and , we get alot of drunk creepy dudes where i work, and I have to walk to my car really late at night--so that doesn't help.

    4)failing. self-explanatory.

    5) any situation i'm in i automatically always think of the worst that could happen. like if we're on a rollercoaster, i think it's going to fall apart and so i hold on for dear life (even though i love rollercoasters). so i guess i fear the worst?

  4. love this post. so cute! take a look at my new button! i've added yours on the right side of my blog! ha ♥

    add mine!

  5. i totally agree with ur number one, of all kinds of pressure ._.

  6. your inner pharmacy nerd is right! my doctor told me to take 1 to 2 every six hours. but after talking to the girl i knew, i decided i would rather not be unconscious all day, so i took half a pill and slept for three hours. powerful stuff!

  7. p.s. did you get a new banner? or am i just late on noticing?

    it's cute either way!

  8. I also have a fear of being late. I stress out so badly!!

  9. Oh I have a fear of being late too, I always leave earlier. I also fear heights and moths creep me out.

  10. 1. large dogs
    2. touching eyeballs
    3. veins
    4. blood
    5. flying


  11. We share some of the same fears, especially drowning!

  12. ohh whoa, even talking
    about fears freaks me out
    just a little lol.

    my fears? hmm...

    1. fear of being late too. ugh. i always hated carpooling with my best friend (heck, i hate just riding with her now) because she is ALWAYS late. gives me anxiety.
    2. fear of public speaking. i've done a lot of presentations for my classes, but still, it gets me every time! i just hate talking in front of large groups of people.
    3. fear of singing in public. this sorta goes with the last one, but i hate karaoke and singing out loud. i know my singing voice isn't completely terrible, but i still get weirdly embarrassed about it.
    4. okay, generally, i think i just hate having a bunch of people looking at me for any reason. i get embarrassed way easily. it's a good thing i don't blush. :P
    5. i also have a weird fear of not being liked.

    hard list to make, but it really got me thinking. and now i feel like i have all these irrational fears. agh.

    very interesting post to read!


  13. tagged you in my latest post, miss!


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