Thursday, February 11, 2010


I am on the hunt for a nice, 3/4 length sleeve cardigan to wear over shirts and dresses, but I am having problems finding the perfect one. I really like this cardigan shown above, from J. Crew, but I am having problems convincing myself that $62 is worth it for a little sweater. Does anyone know where I can find a cardigan like this one, preferably for a little bit cheaper? I am hoping to get it in a couple of colors so I can wear them with many outfits... too bad I'm not a kabillionaire...


  1. i picked up a couple of cardigans at target recently! they were under $20, they're super soft, and they came in a bunch of colors and patterns.

    also, i think gap is having a sale right now, check them out!

  2. I too was going to suggest Target. Also H&M. They have good quality stuff for much cheaper than J Crew. Good luck =]