Wednesday, February 10, 2010

no more snow!!!

I was snowed out of class today, so I was sitting here... and then I got a phone call saying my pharmacy exam for tonight is canceled as well. Gee, thanks. It's rescheduled for Saturday morning now. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep your little fingers and toes crossed that I can actually go and TAKE THIS TEST.... ughhhhhh... okay, enough grumbling.

Alexz had the idea to post a picture that was tagged of you on Facebook that you didn't know was being taken... Here's a funny one of me:

I tag everyone! Leave me a comment if you post a picture, I wanna see :)


  1. I hope all goes great with your test love and hope the snow stops too! I love that pic lol hmmm I will look at my facebook and see if I have a good tag... :) cute idea!

  2. lol!! it's a very cute photo!! lol I'll so see if I have one on fb :P

  3. hey at least you didn't have to sleep at work! ;)

    & yay! i love this photo. you look adorable in it hahah!

  4. Oh no, I hope it stops snowing for you! Lol I love the pic so cute!

  5. haha what a cute pic!! I love all the static going on, haha!!