Saturday, February 13, 2010



I was so excited I almost peed my pants. When I stood up from my computer, after it said PASS on the screen, I almost fainted. I am so happy :)

I got a package in the mail from Cade today! He made a heart shaped box and filled it with little paper "chocolates" that all say sweet things on them. I love it when he makes me cute little things... it's so much more special to me than a store-bought card, to know that he really spent time to create something unique that I can cherish forever.

I also wanted to thank everyone who sent me a Happy Mail birthday card! I received the package the other day, and I was so happy!!! It really made my day!

Oh, and in crappy news: Someone from my class stole my ipod yesterday. I was really upset, and I actually cried... several times. I never knew I was so attached to a material object, which makes me feel kind of stupid. It's not even the fact that it was expensive... I could easily buy another ipod, but I had music on that ipod dating back to 9th grade. There is hardly any music on my computer now, since I reformatted it. I'll never remember which 8,000 songs I had on there :( The security at my school is going to try to see if they can figure out who was going through my purse, but I am not getting my hopes up about it. My mom says I should offer a reward to anyone that can return it to me, but I'm not sure how much to offer. I'd pay pretty much anything, I think, as long as all my music was still on it. I can't believe someone would do this to me, especially since everyone in my class is really nice to me, and I trusted all of them. Now I don't know who to trust... Sigh.

I just hope that I can get it back!


  1. first of all, I AM SO PSYCHED for you@@ go you! and second, someone stole ur ipod!? ._. i know how u feel about those 9th grade songs! I hope someone would still have the heart to return it back >,<

  2. congratulations!!!!that's sooo exciting!

    and for the person that stole your ipod: i'm sending major bad joojoo their way.

  3. Congrats!!!!! That's awesome!
    Yay for getting the birthday cards!
    Booo for a stolen ipod. That sucks! I really hope you get it back!!!!

  4. oh my gosh, congratulations!!!!!
    you should be SO PROUD of yourself! :):)
    this is so exciting!!!

    oh hunnie, i'm so sorry about your ipod. :(
    i can totally understand how upsetting it must be, it's not only songs you lost, but memories.
    i hope it gets returned to you, sweetie!

  5. yay congrats!! so that means no more studying? :)

  6. I hope you get your ipod back!!! I would be lost without mine too! But WOOOOOO for passing!! That is so great!! Plus you got sweet gifts from your hunny, so yay! I hope someone returns your ipod for you asap!!

  7. im gunna fly to philly and punch people for you until someone admits they have your ipod! take that mean people! ive had my ipod and sidekick stolen in the same night about 3 years ago. i cried for about a week.

    on a happier note, congratulations on passing your test! and i like your XD face.


  8. Congrats with the test girl. Mika (

  9. congrats, love. really, that's so fantastic!

  10. omg how did I miss this... CONGRATSSSSSSS!!! Yay!! I would've of peed my pants too lol I'm so happy for you