Saturday, February 6, 2010

sooner than later, i need a savior...

So, guess what I just bought?

Tickets to see Owl City and Lights together in Houston on April 16th!!!!
I am totally excited! I love their music so much :)

I got tickets for me and Cade. It's not really his taste in music, but he's kind enough to go with me anyway!!

Also, it snowed for a million hours today... we have approximately 10 feet of snow (give or take) outside. Needless to say, my Pharmacy Technician Exam was cancelled. I rescheduled it for Wednesday night, but I heard it it supposed to snow again... sigh. So I guess we'll see what is going to happen. I guess it's good that I have a few more days to study... but I am soooo anxious to get this over with and have the worry off my shoulders. So, whoever controls the weather... please be nice to me!!!

Oh, and I also made a formspring. Ask me something?

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  1. GAAAAAH im so envious!!! i've been listening to lights myself thanks to you :3 and no doubt about owl city, feel good music all the way! please do blog about it sometime and have super fun :D

  2. ahhh that is so awesome! I love Owl City!!!!!

  3. i saw all the photos of PA covered in snow. and i will say, i am a bit jealous. but then again, i'm not because the snow gets really annoying really quickly. hehe you're almost out of there....

  4. Nice! Enjoy the show for me, I love Owl City! I heard the snow is getting bad over there, my mom lives in PA still and I just tell her we sent North Dakota over her way :) I hope you make it to your exam safe and sound though!!

  5. I'm glad you liked your birthday card. I totally understand what you went through today at the pharmacy. My first job, when I was 16, was at a drugstore. I can vividly remember the rudeness of many customers. Ugh! Hope you have a better day tomorrow.