Friday, February 12, 2010

happy anniversary, cade!!

Today is me and Cade's 4 year anniversary :)

In just one week I will be on my way to Louisiana. I can't wait to see you again... I haven't had one of your amazing hugs since August, and I'm long overdue. I can't believe that these 6 months have already passed by, when I thought that they would never end. You are everything to me and I can't wait to start our life together. I know that things are going to be difficult, but I am more than ready to take on this challenge with you by my side. You never give up on anything and you are the most encouraging person I know. Thank you for being the most wonderful person I've met in my life. I love you!


  1. Happy 4 years!! Have a safe trip to Louisiana, now you can wake up and get your hugs every day!!

  2. aaww happy anniversary, dear! <3

  3. awwww this is so sweet! I really do think your going to love La. I hope to meet you this summer when I go for a visit!!!!!

  4. aww im so happy for you!! this is such a sweet post, happy anniversary! <3

  5. i had the sappiest smile on my face the entire time i read this. so cute!

  6. OMG!! so sweet! Congrats on 4 years, Happy Anniversary! <333