Saturday, November 7, 2009


Bella - Angus & Julia Stone

I can't stop listening to this song today... so beautiful :)

(via bleubird vintage)

I love tattoos, and I plan on getting more as soon as money permits. I have been wanting to get a tattoo with Cade, but it's so hard for me to make up my mind about what we should get. The one that keeps coming back to mind is that we each get a puzzle piece in shapes that would fit together. Whatever it is, I'm sure we will love it, though. But that is for another time... I am supposed to be saving money =P


  1. i LOVE angus and julia! fantastic music. and i totally have that picture saved on my computer! it's so darling, i want to do that someday.

  2. Adorable tattoos. A guy I work with got his girl friend's name tattooed on his bum, not too sure how I feel about getting a loved one's name tattooed on me but this is so cute.