Wednesday, November 25, 2009

iiiit's beginning to look a lot like...


Yay! :) I am really excited about it this year, because I've been finding all kinds of awesome tutorials online about how to make different Christmas ornaments and decorations. I've haven't made a Christmas ornament since the macaroni angels and pipe cleaner candy canes of kindergarten =P

Here's a little look at some of the things I've been up to lately...

I found a tutorial for this totally awesome wreath on the blog of the lovely Miss James. I hadn't ever made pompoms before, so it was something cool to learn! I apologize for the poor lighting in the photo, I had to use the camera flash because it's gross and rainy out.

I found those cute little birds on a display by the ornament section at Michael's. I was looking for something pretty to nestle in my wreath, and I thought they were perfect :) I love their curly feathers :) It took me about 5 hours total from start to finish to make this, but I think it was worth it. My mom likes it, and she hung it up in the living room... but moms always have to like their kids' "art projects" haha.

After I finished making the wreath, I had a little bit of yarn left over, and I was thinking, hmmm... what can I make with it? I decided to try making a simple bracelet, and I think it ended up looking kind of cute. What do you think?

While I was in Michael's looking for yarn, I spotted this little cutie on a display of fake Christmas trees. I tried to talk myself out of it, but he ended up coming home with me. Who wouldn't want this white baby tree covered in sparkly twinkly lights? It makes me smile when I have it on, and the little lights are shining across the room at me. So cute! :) I started working on making a couple of little ornaments for it already....

I made another crochet star, and a few little pom poms from colorful yarn. I think maybe I'll turn it into a countdown tree. I remember having one of those in my classroom in elementary school and everyone got a turn to put an ornament on it every day in December so it would be completely decorated right before winter break. It was a really fun and festive activity for the month, I thought.

This is a big granny square I started working on, out of frustration against my mom's afghan. I feel like I'm making some headway, then I count the squares and I am like... Gahhh, I will never finish this blanket!!

Maybe I should just make her a huge granny square that she can use for a blanket. I don't know anymore =\ I never have enough time to make a lot of them with work and school. Blah.

I hope that everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving, and I apologize for being MIA for a while... things are crazy-busy around here for me. I promise I'll try to update a little more for my little group of readers that I actually have =P

Oh... and before I forget to mention it... I am going to start working on Katja's secret project this weekend. I need my little sister to teach me how to work the sewing machine (she took a home ec class last year, haha!). I'm excited! It's really fun, and you should try it, too and show me what you make!


  1. you are just the cutest :]
    I love all of the Christmasiness!
    and the bracelet you made is adorable.