Saturday, September 12, 2009

little baby animals!

This week I can't get enough of looking at little baby woodland creatures (especially fawns!). They just make me smile sooo much!

(all photos found in Google image search)

Tonight I think I'm going out to dinner with my friend Sarah, and her boyfriend. I really don't want to go because I am trying to save money, but I am afraid they will get mad and stop being friends with me if I don't go! They've been asking me out for weeks now, and I've declined every time. I just don't want to spend anything!! I have such a great anxiety about spending money now, it's ridiculous. Gahh!!

Also, I need some advice: Sarah's birthday is next week, and our group of friends was planning to go out for dinner. I will be away the night of the dinner, so I told her that I would take her out the night I come home, and I would let her choose the restaurant. She knows I am trying to save money, so I assumed (shame on me) that she would choose a moderately priced restaurant. However, she chose a very expensive (but delicious) Thai restaurant that we both like. Is there a nice way of asking her to help me pay for the meal without sounding like a cheap-ass? I don't
know what to do! It's driving me insane.

I also wanted to say thank you to all of the people who commented on my blog this week :) It makes me really happy to know that someone is reading this!! I promise I'll keep trying to write interesting things :P

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