Tuesday, September 29, 2009

skeleton tee!

I just got myself one of these super cute glow in the dark skeleton shirts from RVA :) I am really excited to get it to wear to work and school on Halloween. It's like a grown-up "professional" costume for the work day =P

I was rewarding myself for doing such a good job saving my money so far. Yeah, yeah, I know. Rewarding myself by spending the money. Whatever. I'm happy at least!


  1. Hi Emilie ~ I saw your comment on Janel's blog about folding a paper turtle. I would LOVE to see how you do this! :o)

  2. Hi Emilie ~ Video or explanation w/ pictures would be fine -- I'm just looking forward to seeing how to do it. I LOVE turtles and it would be fun to know how to fold one! :o) Thanks so much! ~ Deb