Sunday, September 6, 2009

autumn is here! (almost)

So it's finally September, and you know what that means... it's almost Autumn! I can't tell you how much I adore this time of year. It's simply my favorite. Time for spiced chai lattes, sweaters, mittens and walking around in the leaves. For some reason, Autumn really makes me feel alive!

(Photos by A Beautiful Mess)

This is the RVA store in Missouri. I wish I could go there sooo bad. It looks like their new decorations for fall are absolutely gorgeous. Sigh.. someday, I will go there.

(Red Velvet Art)
Aren't they so adorable? They are all for sale at the RVA website :) I really like the little squirrel, he is my favorite.

Here are a few beautiful things I found on Etsy this week...

(by Baby2Be)

(by Timeless Totes)

(by WhichGoose)

I had my first Starbucks' chai latte of the season last week to celebrate the new season. And it was simply delicious :)

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