Monday, December 14, 2009

happy mail!

Thanks for the super sweet card, Jamie!!

I'm sooo lucky! My Happy Mail buddy was Jamie, the creator of Happy Mail! If you aren't a part of this, go to the Happy Mail blog to learn all about it and join in for next month. It's so fun and such a nice way to make someone else's day :)


  1. I have a pretty good happy mail buddy too...

  2. Happy mail sounds so fun! I should definitely check it out :) I just got your comment on my blog... a little late haha I am so lost with all this stuff! I am excited though to meet new friends :) I hope you are having a good holiday season (my favorite time of year)!!!

  3. yay! dont you just LOVE Happy Mail??

  4. Hi Em! Lucky you to get happy mail! I participated last time but didn't this go-around. Maybe next time...
    Hey, I came across this post and thought of you. I just love these granny square seat covers: