Saturday, December 19, 2009

to be with you

Music Playlist at

(I am not sure why it has New Moon in the video, because this song wasn't in that movie... thankfully...)

I have been mildly obsessed with Becky Filip since I discovered her on myspace in 8th grade. She's such a beautiful, ethereal talented lady, and I love her style. I wish I had half the talent in her pinky toe. Above is a song by her band, the Honey Trees. It's my favorite song by the band, and it is such a sweet, calming song.

Not only is she a great singer and musician, but she also does all the artwork for the band herself. Check out the prettiness on the website and see for yourself. I love it!!

Here are a few of her other artworks that she sells in her etsy shop:

Aren't they magical? I especially love the ones that don't have faces, for some reason... they seem so mysterious... and different. Probably because they don't have a face... but I like them =P

She also did the artwork for the band Lydia, for their album Illuminate.

Aaaaand, to finish off my creepy obsessive post, I'll end with:
She is GORGEOUS. Don't believe me? Look for yourself...

Hope you enjoy her as much as I do :)

As for me, I am snowed in for the day, so I believe there is a certain book calling my name... and a certain bed... and a certain cup of tea <3 See you later!!


  1. ohmygosh! i thought i was the only person in the world outside of california that loved the honey trees! i've been listening to them since my freshmen year in college--every song they make is wonderful. and of course, they're how i became interested in lydia (who is AMAZING live).

    i totally agree with you--she's soooo beautiful!!

  2. Pretttyyyy! I'll definitely have to check them out! I looove that "hope floats" balloon print!

    Hope you have a happy day!!!

  3. I love Becky Filip! I randomly came across her myspace profile about 5 or 6 years ago. She is amazing.

  4. oh my word. I LOVE THIS POST. i love it. i have been a huge becky fan for yearrrrs and the honey trees is at the top of my favorites list. oh i love them so, and becky is so talented and so beautiful. her brother, simon, is also incredibly talented - have you seen his photography? becky is in most of them and they're so dreamy - look him up on flickr! i also posted a video on my blog recently that he made at disneyland w/ becky and her boyfriend. also dreamy.

  5. those pictures are gorgeous, my fav is the girl with the balloon!!!

  6. I really like that song! She has a really nice relaxing tone to her voice, sorta like Maria Mena or Anna Nalick (two of my faves) I am definitely going to check more songs out from them :)