Monday, December 7, 2009


Today was my last day of the radiology portion of my classes! I am sooo relieved I made it through this in one piece... it was DIFFICULT! I can't wait to be finished school (my last day is February 15th!!) and start working.

I've never been really enthusiastic about school (shame on me). I do
love learning new things, but I'm more of an independent learner, I think. I have always done very well in my classes, but I was the kid that was looking out the window constantly wishing they were elsewhere. I'm not sure why that is.

As I realize my last day of school is drawing closer and closer, I'm becoming increasingly anxious about a number of things...

For those of you who didn't read my blog from the beginning, I am moving to Louisiana to be with my boyfriend until he finishes school.
Am I going to like living in Louisiana? It is HOT there. And humid... *shudder*... But it's completely different from anything I've ever known. I am both intrigued and excited by this. I'm looking forward to experiencing a new way of life! Hopefull not a homeless life!!

How am I going to afford it? I begin my externship working for a dental office when I am done my classes. The hiring dentist has the option to make it a paid externship, but they do not have to pay me. This will be for about 4 months. If I am not paid, then obviously I will have to have another job... you know? A paying one.

Will I be able to handle working two jobs if I have to? I already work part time and go to class every day, so I think I will be okay. I am just crossing my fingers and hoping that I will have the good fortune to have a dentist who will actually pay me for my externship.

What am I going to do about health insurance? I was born with rheumatoid arthritis, and I am on several very expensive medications that keep it in check. My parents insurance carrier will drop my coverage the day I am finished school. I will only be working part time for a while, until I finish my externship, so I will inevitably be without my insurance. One of my medications costs $1200 out of pocket. I need to find out if there is some sort of governmental type of health insurance available in Louisiana to people like myself. Maybe Lindsay knows?? If you do, email me about it! Pleaaase.

Will I be homesick all the time and miss living with my family? I've never lived outside of my parents home before, and I'm excited to be moving out on my own. I know I will be sad, too. After all, this is the only home I've ever known. It will be so hard to live far away from my parents, because I really do love them. It won't be for forever, though, so I will just keep in mind that I can always come home to visit, and I'll move back to this area when Cade is finished school.

That is just the tip of the iceberg of the things that I am stressing about lately... but I have to believe that everything is going to be okay. After all, no matter what happens, I will still have Cade there right by my side to experience everything with me.


  1. 1. cutest picture ever.
    2. Louisiana is like a whole new world. It's a ridiculous place... but there is so much culture! I have lots of friends that live in the boot and love it. I hope you will too!
    3. I know exactly what you're saying about the health insurance thing. I have fibromyalgia and take some pretty expensive meds. You know you're officially an adult when you have to start worrying about health insurance. blah.
    4. I got a pretty amazing package in the mail today!! Thank you so much! Happy mail is just the best. I'm glad you got my name.

  2. Yeah, the pix in this post are adorable! Sounds like you have a LOT on your mind and with good reason. Making a major move like that isn't easy, but it really will all work out. It sounds cliche to say "take it a day at a time" but that's the best advice I can give you. I'll look forward to your blog posts once you are settled in Louisianna! I'm excited for you!!!

  3. i know that it's all very stressful, but i am so excited for you to start your new life.

    everything will work itself out, i know it! i really hope you get a paying dentist, and you figure out a way to take care of your expensive meds.

  4. Goodness girl! Try not to worry!
    I've learned a lot about meds lately! You definitely need to contact the Rx maker! They almost always have programs and financial assistance! Also, if there are any national Rheumatoid Arthritis groups, contact them because they would definitely know!

  5. Hey my loves!! Even though it is hot and humid in Louisiana I really feel you will love it there. The people are so sweet and there is so much to do! Try Cobra insurance, it (last time I checked) is very cheap. I will ask around for you as well :) When I visit down there (sometime next summer) we definetly need to get together! If you need anything let me know! Also, I SUPER LOVE the pic of you and Cade. You guys are so cute together <3 When I left home it was very different but you will find it's a whole new world and come to love it! Keep me updated!! Love Love

  6. I think you'll do just fine! I moved to California with Nate and then to his parents house in Philly. Both places were very different but you'll feel excited to see everywhere since it'll be you'll first time seeing it. Plus, it's good you're boyfriend already lives there so that you can become friends with his friends. California and Philly were so tough on me because I have a ton of friends here in Chicago... and 0 there.
    Don't worry so much. You'll be totally fine. :) Ramon and mac&cheese will become your best friend.
    Oh and I agree with Lindsay for checking out Cobra insurance!

  7. yay! GOOD JOB! the last photo is so cute!

  8. Hey Em ~ I don't know if you follow Rachel's blog, but she had a link in her post this morning that reminded me of you. Check out this AMAZING crocheting!!!
    I can imagine you making these potholders. Gorgeous!!!