Monday, July 5, 2010

day 01 : something you hate about yourself

I hate the fact that I am so self-conscious and I take everything personally. If I hear people whispering, I automatically assume they must be talking about me, and saying something mean about me. If I know that someone doesn't like me, it eats me up inside and drives me crazy. I can't stand knowing that I may have made a bad impression to another person. I am self-conscious and I always seek reassurance about my appearance, my talents, basically everything. I am slowly learning to accept myself more, trying to realize I'm quite awesome, and not as bad as I imagine others perceive me.


  1. i am completely in the same boat! i try so hard to accept myself-my looks, my creativity, but it never seems to be good enough-or any good at all! i am trying very hard to accept myself and it can be difficult!

  2. im also going to join in the 30 days of truths :) but i think ill start mine tomorrow

  3. that's something we have in common :( i wish i had the guts to say, I DONT CARE! :D