Thursday, July 15, 2010


Nothing really exciting going on over here, but a few things:

  • my raise finally went through at work!! I passed my national pharmacy technician exam back in February, but my raise hasn't been put through until now. I'm so relieved!!

  • I'm working on my hours to get my Louisiana technician's license. We didn't need to have a license in Pennsylvania, so it's really weird to me that we need to have one here. I have my permit and I have to get 600 hours under a pharmacist's watch before I have my license.

  • I finished reading the second book that my mom sent me last night, so I'll do a review on that later. I've been dying to read Eat, Pray, Love now that Chelsey recommended it to me. I read the excerpt on Amazon and now I need more! I am waiting for my mom to mail it to me (she owns it) but I am getting impatient!

  • I'm going to an estate sale tonight (my first one!) with Cade and my friend Trent and his boyfriend Dustin. I'm so excited! I doubt I'm going to buy anything, but it will be fun to check out what they have. I'll be sure to post pictures if I buy anything.

Oh, and does anyone have any recommendations for any really good books they've read lately? I'm on a reading kick and I'm almost out of books here. I couldn't bring my entire book collection with me when I moved, so I only brought the series I was reading at the time I moved (Sookie Stackhouse). I already finished all the Sookie Stackhouse books that are out :(

So, anything good?


  1. I have plenty of books! I am a huge book nerd.

    If u like romances i would recommend anything by Nicholas Sparks. They are ur basic heartwarming tear jerking romance novels.

    If you like sadder books i would recommend The lovely bones. If u saw the movie, forget it. it was horrible. The book is way different.

    If u like classics I would recommend The Great Gatsby. Its is a wonderful classic with love and obsession

    If you like coming of age stories i would recommend The diary of Anne Frank or A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. They are great books that go into girls growing up in difficult circumstances.

    If you don't like any of these i have plenty more if u need any!

  2. if you haven't read them already, try the millenium trilogy by stieg larsen. i got the first book (girl with the dragon tattoo) and so far its pretty good, and everyone else raves about them. plus the first two books are in paperback so they're cheap :).

    elizabeth gilberts book committed kind of picks up where eat, pray, love leaves off. so if you like that book, get the other one (i'm waiting to get it, it's high on my to buy list).

    there's also this other series i've been wanting to start for a really long time called the thursday next series. the first book is about time travel through other famous books. sounds interesting.

    other than that, i just like stalking goodreads, and seeing whats on other people's lists and stuff.

    hope i helped!


    here's some more!

    the girl above me made really good suggestions that made me think of a few more. if you've read any of these, just skip over them :)

    the heart is a lonely hunter by carson mccullers

    to kill a mockingbird by harper lee

    anything by jane austen--kinda slow, but really good

    catcher in the rye/anything by jd salinger.

  4. Water for Elephants! It's so good.

  5. congrats on the raise and passing the tech exam!!

  6. YES congrats on the RAISE and passing the exam. OOoo good luck on the next! Great career!

    Book - A Walk In The Woods by Bill Bryson. This will take you on a journey and fill your head with all sorts of great stuff. If you're a patient reader, it's GREAT. Author puts in a bazillion nerdy fact about the Appalachian Trail - which are very cool but there's a brief time in the middle of the book that he REALLY goes on and on. Definitely one of those that sticks in your head forever after though! Super cool conversational writing too! enjoy:

    love, Sherilyn