Tuesday, July 20, 2010

day 16 : someone or something you definitely could live without

Unhealthy, chemical-laden, processed foods.

As soon as we make enough money to buy separate groceries, I fully intend on creating a healthy diet for myself that includes tons of organic produce, whole foods that don't come in plastic packaging and require the use of a microwave to cook them. Unfortunately, money is an issue (isn't it always?) and my Mister is the pickiest eater in all of the land. I've been trying to grab more healthy choices for myself when we go shopping, but we still end up buying a bunch of junk that no one should ever be eating. Cade refuses to try eating any vegetables or fruits because he insists he has already tried them all and they are disgusting, so I can't really spend all our grocery money on things that only one of us can eat. I can't wait to be able to afford to buy myself all the yummy healthy foods I want so that I can eat better and fuel my body with good things, not crap.


  1. amen to that!

    the one thing i loved about my ex was he was a health nut so i always ate healthy when we lived together..

    now that i am solo, i just started my pescitarian diet and i am in la-la land with all the yummy possibilities!

    in due time for you though, and it will be super worth it!

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  3. oh wow! yummy, mouth is drooling now ._.