Wednesday, July 21, 2010

day 18 : your views on gay marriage

Cade's at work until midnight tonight because they're doing inventory, so I'm bored alone at home (and posting tomorrow's truth tonight!) and trying not to be a scaredy-cat.

I am a huge, huge, huge supporter of the gay community. My best friend, Miguel, is gay. I have known many wonderful gay people in my life. I went to Catholic grade school and high school, so it was drilled into my head that being gay is evil and wrong, but I have never felt that way, for some reason. It just never made sense to me. Now that I live in the super-conservative, Christian south, I am shocked by how openly people seem to voice their ignorance-- be it racism, religious intolerance, or yes, even homophobia. It makes my blood boil when I hear someone spewing intolerant garbage about other people.

I have removed portions of this entry at the request of a reader.

(my high school classmate, Kevin)

My blood pressure goes up every time I recall that scenario, for sure. Even now, as I write this, I am seething. In the world that we live in today, hatred is SO prevalent. Love is a beautiful, beautiful thing and it is meant to be celebrated. If the way that someone chooses to celebrate their love is through marriage, then they should be allowed to do so. I think it is ridiculous for anyone to think that they have the right to stand in the way of any couple's right to get married. Maybe you don't agree with homosexuality, but it is never going to affect you, or your life. No one ever stood in front of a man and woman and told them that they shouldn't be allowed to get married for whatever reason, so it shouldn't happen to gay couples.

Love doesn't see a gender.

(my friends, Trent & Dustin)


  1. I completely agree with you. my best friend is gay and i want nothing more than for him to me happy because i know that he would want that for me. And if that means marrying a man then i am all for it

  2. right on!!

    even if someone thinks being gay "is a sin" gay people should still have the same rights as any other human being (not that I think that at all, I'm just trying to disprove that approach as well). no one denies rights to every one else that sins, so why gay people?

    everyone deserves the right to be happy :)

  3. YOU GO GIRL!! I'm a big supporter of the gay community as well. two of my best friends are gay, and I would never have had them any other way <3

  4. Hi Emilie! :) just wanted to say Hi and I hope you got my email. I sort of started over on my blog, and will spend less time there, but I'll still check in with you. Please email me ANYTIME. :)

    I agree here about gay marriage. If they want to be married and contribute to society (monitarily and socially) in a positive manner then they should be married. If they want to be happy, they should be allowed to obtain it. If they are employed, they should be able to share with wealth with their spouse. Let them share healthcare. And mostly, if they love, they should be able to express their commitment like everyone else...with a ring and a promise in front of their friends and family.

    I've seen several straight couples I've worked with (4 different pair, 1 pair did this for years and had 3 kids this way...) who don't get married on purpose because the unemployed pregnant female can get them more money and childcare health coverage from the state and fed then if she were working. WE all pay for their childbirth(s) AND the couple's supplemented income because she and her mate don't get married and take responsibility for their life choices. (On top of it, they expected me to attend their baby showers at work, and give them gifts!).

    If a gay couple wants to make a socially responsible choice to get married and take responsibility for their life choices, then WHO can honestly say it's wrong?

    I have a gay younger brother, and would be thrilled if he ever made a commitment to marry. I'd be happy for him, and proud that he'd be willing to make that type of a decision in his life. Someone who's willing to make that kind of commitment, to me, is someone who should be allowed to have the opportunity to.
    love, Sherilyn

  5. totally totally agree 1000000% with this post