Monday, July 5, 2010


Walking around the mall, and seeing what they sell in stores lately, I've come to realize that while I like many trends... most of them just confuse me.

You know what I mean, right? No? Okay, well here are a few examples of what I'm talking about...

Gladiator sandals:
Let me just get this off my chest. Um, ew. I hate them. I hate everything about them, and they are hideous. Phew. I feel much better now. Can someone please explain to me why these are popular now? I don't want my feet to look like they are in little leather cages. I hope that these go out of style quickly because I am tired of looking at them. Ugh.

Plaid shirts:
They are cute. I own two. But why on earth are they seriously like... the ONLY thing that I can find in any stores in the mall. I went into PacSun and it was pretty much, you either got a plaid button-up shirt or you got nothing. Same thing with Delias. Can we please pick another pattern?

Underwear disguised as shorts:
Who wears these? these have like a 1/2 inch inseam! No one wants to see that much of anyone out in public...

Which calls to mind super short dresses: All the dresses I am seeing this year so sooo ridiculously short that I would feel uncomfortable going out in them in public without wearing shorts under them. What's up with that?

And just so I'm not a completely Negative Nancy:
I am loving the retro swimsuits, floral patterns and nautical themed items I am seeing everywhere :)

What do you think of these trends? Do you agree with me or am I just crazy and missing something totally awesome?


  1. i actually love gladiator sandals. ;) not the ones in that picture though, they look kind of tacky. it really depends on the brand and how well they're made. i also LOVE flannel. ever since i was a kid, i have loved flannel/plaid shirts. it's kind of a bummer it's SUCH a huge thing right now, because i look like i'm trying to be super trendy... when really, even after people stop liking flannel, i'll still wear it. ;)

    THANK YOU!! i hate short shorts. they're so gross. maybe because i have a j.lo body type and my butt would never ever fit into a pair. hahaha. they're seriously not flattering and kind of tasteless!

  2. Yay! I cannot STAND gladiator sandals and, as a rather ample woman, I have to say that I KNOW that people don't want to see me in miniscule shorts and dresses. Where are the cute shorts for people that actually don't want to show off what their mama gave them?

    xo Erin

  3. I think I completely agree with everything you said. I keep going into stores lately and thinking, "oh is this a swimsuit cover up, well no, maybe it's a long shirt, nope omg is that really a dress?!?" Also agree with the gladiator sandles. You will think with all that covering that they would slim down your foot but I think they just have the opposite might as well wear boots!
    Also I like that retro swim suits are coming back. I want to get me one.
    Good taste in fashion!