Monday, July 12, 2010

day 08 : someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit


There was one person who fit this description, but she has since been removed from my life. She was my high school best friend, and we had a lot in common. One thing we didn't share, however, was the way that she seemed to breed negativity. If there wasn't something negative about a situation, she would find a way to create drama. She wasn't happy if she wasn't in a fight with someone, or causing some sort of conflict. I was constantly being dragged into things that were completely inane. Classmates would ask me, "Why are you friends with her?". I would defend her, saying "You guys just don't know her very well... she's not always like that." Until I saw for myself last fall just how nasty she really was. She treated me like crap when I went out of my way to make her birthday special for her, and from that day I vowed to never make excuses for her again, and to stay as far away from her as possible.

It wasn't a forceful removal, in that I declared my desire to no longer have contact with her, but it was a slow and gradual adjustment. I never really told her how I felt about her, because I don't like to cause drama. We just stopped talking. I went from having one best friend to having none in a matter of weeks. The texts and phone calls dwindled, the friendly chatting at work stopped and became all business, and hanging out ceased. My attitude and outlook on life have improved so much since I removed her negative influence from the picture. I am happier.


  1. i think it's awesome that you got that person out of your life, but you were still super considerate about it.

    two thumbs up for you from me.

  2. its great to know that you are the stronger person:D